About Me

Leslie is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, spoken word artist and playwright based out of the Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri area. She officially retired from the U.S. Army after 35 years of service in March 2018. 

Leslie amasses a fan base wherever she goes. She is involved in the community and works in several ministries within her church and was licensed for ministry in May 2018. Leslie works diligently with youth ministries wherever she goes. She is the administrator for Still Useable Ministries Church and serves on the Christian Education staff, co-director of the Arts Ministry, a member of the youth ministry staff and the Minister of Media. 

Leslie is respected and welcomed by many audiences both nationally and internationally.  She is a sought after motivational speaker, spoken word artist and is a regular speaker/teacher at the Global United Fellowship Conference. Captivating audiences with her style and dramatic flair, she develops and presents works to inspire her audiences to dream big and to push to achieve those dreams.

Leslie published From the Situation to the Destination, Poems and Meditations to Provide Encouragement for Life’s Tough Times in November 2016 and is the co-author of Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace – The Seven Mountains released May 2018 and the Amazon bestseller Behind The Rank vol 2 released June 2018 and the most recent collaborative work, Emancipate Me released in October 2018. Leslie has developed partnerships with ministries across the nation bringing words of encouragement to women’s, leadership and youth conferences, fundraisers, graduations, retirement and promotion ceremonies as well as church and commemorative events.

In March 2016 Leslie started God First Productions LLC to help clients market their events through videos, skits and commentaries